Arab Surveyors have a wide experience in surveying roads in the Middle East and Africa.

Surveying and preparing base maps needed for the design of roads usually done by:

  • Establishing a Network of Control Points, this network contains the national points as well as project main control points; this task is done by Duel Frequency GPS, Static Techniques and Full Least Square Method of adjustment.

  • Project monuments tied to the main control points usually established at inter visible intervals.

  • Detailed survey for a corridor width following the proposed road center line for all man made features and the natural terrain, the survey is conducted by either Total Stations equipped with data logger or GPS or combination of both, the density of points depended on the scale required but general the ground surface over the required area is simulated by observing strings of detail points along characteristic lines in the terrain.
    Points are chosen such that the gradients between successive points is generally uniform and triangles formed by joining any three points are generally planner.

    2D and 3D detailed maps are produced.



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